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Pure Of Heart | August 21, 2011

Pure Potential

By GJ McRae

Free enterprise a spirit of self-promotion not in the board rooms in strip clubs
and college campuses, passionate college sports supporter showing love
for a job well done with a night out. This glimpse into footballs glory road has a route
called broken dreams, every investigation leads to a financial bomb TV revenue, blue chip recruits,
scholarships, enrollment, and academic funding lost. College is about memories
and good times how you make them within the scope of the rules is your business
what happens off campus stays of campus. Should a University face death for minor violations what is considered great or minor depends on the school and the players, USC know as bankroll U
has new allegations of pay for play and faced lesser sanctions when caught
while Miami is looking at death for lesser.

The NFL is capitalizing on this farm system we watch these players every Saturday then on Sunday
to see them excel to pro greatness, is there a resolve for such a thing having roundtables with individuals with careers couldn’t fathom the temptations, violations only come out when someone makes a mistake or defaults on a promise. If the lockout loomed the NCAA would have stepped up their efforts for power with Sunday games and Monday battles, college teams with solo networks are minimizing the revenue for the NCAA.

Potential we all have it to be greater  with the economy in a spiral with no answer to many questions where is the potential in government will they form their own network dare to be different try a new approach let a
little go to get more.


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Sports journalist GJ McRae is a writer with deepintosports.com, his column shares views on sports and political topics. The comparison of american sports and government shows the depth of the two.







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