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Thinking of Wonders | October 7, 2011

Wonders of  Thinking

By GJ McRae

Today I want to take a step back and reflect on how the game and the world has changed before our eyes so quickly, Detroit has the best record in football halfway through the season, M.Vick is playing remarkable football but the eagles’ defense isn’t . MNF has a new theme song, the redskins are winning, and the colts are not.

And Obama is compared to Hitler; these are some of things that have turned the world on its ear as a society we are not noticing the state of the economy is free falling. The presidential administration has kept them in tact fighting the bull rush of many disappointed Americans while congress has several sessions of non-related issues while trying to keep the government running.

As fans we search for answers as to why what and where as Americans we scratch our heads and say oh well there is always a scape goat in the midst of confusion so who has become that person.


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Sports journalist GJ McRae is a writer with deepintosports.com, his column shares views on sports and political topics. The comparison of american sports and government shows the depth of the two.







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